October, 2008


FYSOT’08: Microscopes

Ever wondered what your cancer looked like up close and personal under the microscope? Lorna Dixon investigates how cancerous cells are recognised by doctors and the procedures which take place […]

FYSOT’08: Leeds Showcase

30th Oct '08 5

It’s time for Leeds to show us what they’re made of with a hilarious version of a Proclaimer’s classic…and everyone’s getting involved…Peter Kay eat your heart out! Edited by Tom […]

FYSOT’08: Chasing Cars

30th Oct '08 4

Another singing sensation bravely takes to the stage as Natalie sings a spine-tingling version of a definite tear jerker!

Gill’s Retirement Meal

29th Oct '08 3

Getting the ball rolling with Edinburgh’s films is coverage from Gill’s retirement meal, where all her supporters are out in force and sad at the prospect of saying goodbye to […]

FYSOT’08: Heaven

An emotional acoustic version of Heaven sang by the extremely talented Nadine Edwardson, accompanied by highlights of the weekend and snippets from the wonderful firework display.

FYSOT’08: Dylan Cam

Watch out…Dylan’s about! No-one’s safe from the camera as this year’s heart throb stops to chat to members of the conference, get their views on how the weekend is going […]