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Walk as One: The Warm Up

It’s bye bye Pierre (for now anyway!) and hello Peter as he promotes “Walk as One”, a sponsored 5K walk raising funds for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, the hospital […]

Pierre at Alton Towers

It had to happen soon….Pierre at a theme park. Who knows what will happen when the world’s, erm, Sheffield’s most famous cancer survivor will be unleashed to the crowds of […]

Pierre Live from Radiotherapy

Well they just keep getting better…! Prepare for another corker from the one, the only Mr. Pierre as he takes us on a lively tour of his radiotherapy session, accompanied […]

Getting Back Into It (2)

In part two of Alice’s video diary, charting her progress as she prepares to get back into her previous routine, she endures more physio (complete with bunny ears!) and introduces […]

Getting Back Into It (1)

After receiving treatment for a brain tumour, we catch up with Alice as she finally gets back into things, starting with a game of Scrabble to keep her mind ticking! […]

The Patient Witness (Part 2)

Part two of Tom Green’s talk, explaining the personal ailments he has faced after receiving neurology treatment for two brain tumours, sees him talking about a host of factors, including […]

The Patient Witness (Part 1)

A highly informative talk from the Brain Tumour Conference in April 2008, by a former teenage cancer patient, Tom Green, who was treated for two brain tumours when he was […]

Matthew Tozer: Part 2

In Matthew’s latest instalment, we find him in a bit of a rush, ready to head to the hospital for more treatment…not before a spot of lunch however! Matthew talks […]