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My Video Diary

Time to see what 17 year old Andrew’s normal school week is like and I can tell you, it’s pretty hectic! Mock exams, a real exam and some debating thrown […]

Katie Ruane Blog 11

Katie is back and a very tired Katie she is! Katie explains that she has been working and constantly on the go recently so she’s definitely feeling the strain. We […]

Katie Ruane Video Blog 10

Exams are over, the summer is here, can only mean two things travelling and getting a job! Travelling round the world should be a great incentive to get a job […]

Nabin Part 2

Nabin compares his life to the movies – in the first part of the movie everything is good, Nabin was at college, having fun but then just like in the […]

Katie Ruane Video Blog 8

We catch up with Katie who is trying to do anything other than her university work. Katie explains how her chemotherapy dosage has now gone up after discussions with her […]

Katie Ruane Video Blog 6

We join Katie in the middle of a photo shoot with Simon Web – No, not that Simon Webbe! Katie is all glammed up, make-up and hair all done, ready […]

Katie Talks Education: Part One

In this first of two parts, Katie shares her experience of education and how having cancer has impacted on her education, including dealing with side effects of treatment, the impact […]

The Debate – Right to Education

29th Sep '10 1

Another chance to watch the first debate of many! This time education is on the agenda. Professionals and patients share their experiences on the matter. For advice on education – […]

It’s Been a While

We catch up with Fay as she updates us on what she’s been up to since her last video. Now in remission, Fay explains how happy she is to have […]