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Laura Dean: Part 1

Here we meet Laura, who begins her diary by explaining what it was like to be told she had cancer, as well as telling us some of the positive and […]

Late Effects

13th May '09 0

In this highly informative film, Sheffield provides a full rundown of the after care procedures taken for late effects of cancer, occurring months or years after treatment has finished and […]

Ups and Downs

Diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the end of November, here we are introduced to 25-year-old Katie Mackintosh. As she prepares for her fourth cycle of chemo, Katie explains how […]

My Radiotherapy

After her first film “Flying Pink Ponies”, Gemma makes a return to Jimmyteens with a diary of her radiotherapy sessions, of which she will be receiving twelve in total. Gemma […]

From Amy Bowyer

This is sixteen year old Amy Bowyer’s story, as we hear how a series of biopsies of a tumour behind her nose led to the diagnosis of Burkitt’s Lymphoma in […]

Mummy, Lots of Love, Faith

Here we meet 22 year old Andrea, whose life was turned upside down when a series of health worries led to the unexpected diagnosis of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, soon after […]

Nick Kostov: part 2

In the second of Nick’s films, we hear how, despite having his life turned upside down by treatment, he has tried to keep things as normal as possible, even managing […]

two years on

It’s nearly two years to the day since Alice was first diagnosed and although she finds herself in a similar situation treatment wise, she is more determined than ever. As […]

best laid plans

In this latest instalment, Alice explains how she is feeling as she continues on with her difficult schedule, which is mainly tiredness and generally feeling “rubbish”. With an ongoing pain […]