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The Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queensland

19th Sep '13 0

Welcome to The Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queensland otherwise known as the PA. Former patient Steph is on hand to show us around the facilities at the PA, along the way we […]

Christopher’s Day

Back in 2009 Christopher had to go to Birmingham to have his right arm and shoulder amputated. Christopher talks us through how he felt when he woke from surgery, knowing […]

Nabin Part 2

Nabin compares his life to the movies – in the first part of the movie everything is good, Nabin was at college, having fun but then just like in the […]

The Moob Diaries – Pre Op

Here we see Peter show a more serious side to himself in an open and honest film about his upcoming operation – a chest operation to remove his “moobs” after […]

Katie Ruane Blog 5

A quick catch up with Katie, who seems to have turned into a tour guide, firstly we get a tour of her work and see the all important coffee machine, […]

Katie Ruane Blog 4

Time for a biology lesson with Katie as we hear about her experience with IVF and the battles she had to go through injecting herself everyday and all the pain […]

The Debate – Right to Education

29th Sep '10 1

Another chance to watch the first debate of many! This time education is on the agenda. Professionals and patients share their experiences on the matter. For advice on education – […]