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Melanoma Memoirs

Phoebe was diagnosed with malignant melanoma back in February 2011 after being concerned about a pink lump that kept bleeding. Phoebe talks about how her diagnosis impacted on her life, […]

Just Jack

Ex-Army lad Jack and Nottingham’s CLIC Sargent Young Person’s Community Worker Rachael Ewing look back on Jack’s cancer diagnosis. Jack talks about his life before Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and how Jack’s […]


Jana explains why it was so important to her to film her entire cancer experience and how the footage is proving a real memory for her and her family to […]

Our Voice – Abbie Richardson

Abbie was just 14 when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, now in remission Abbie shares her story discussing her symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and beyond cancer. Abbie’s story was filmed […]

Our Voice – Alfie Carpenter

Alfie was halfway through his second year of university when he first noticed chest pains, after numerous GP visits nothing seemed to help with the pain, eventually Alfie was diagnosed […]

Our Voice – Shelley Joyce

Filmed as apart of the Our Voice series here we meet Shelley who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 23. Shelley tells us how she was diagnosed […]


In 2008, Jordan was given a 3% chance of survival after he slipped into a coma after Jordan suffered a stroke. Jordan had to learn how to walk again and […]

Introducing Danny

24 year old Danny from Essex was living with his girlfriend in Birmingham when he first noticed changes in his testicles. After originally putting off visiting his doctor his girlfriend […]

Cambridge Family Day

16th Feb '13 0

The fabulous guys at Cambridge are having another family day where young people tell us why days like these are so important to not only them but to their parents […]