Films Tagged: video diary

5 Weeks

Cancer is nothing new to Katie as she has recovered from it twice already, proving that she’s a fighter.

There She Goes Again

Milissa goes to get her hair styled, and explains her own private experiences with her leukemia, and how losing her hair was hard to go through.

Got Through This

In this, Kayleighs second film, she attends a catwalk proving that she can go out, have a good time, and drink lots of champagne!


Luisa shares her experiences as she remembers her long time away from home in hospital.

that’s what friends are for

A film from the point of view of Alice’s friend, Sarah. She explains how Alice’s illness has made their friendship much stronger. Please visit for more info on Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Back into Battle

Another absolute corker from Alice, home again, and she explains how lucky she feels to have had her illness as it put her whole life into perspective. Please visit […]